Secretary/Agent Service

Secretary/Agent Service

Compliant with Corporate Requirements

For some jurisdictions, offshore companies are required to have a local secretary or agent. In other jurisdictions where it is not a must, a local secretary or agent is still highly recommended as they are in charge of performing daily tasks and keeping your offshore company compliant with the incorporating jurisdiction.

Responsibilities of a Secretary/Agent

While all you want is to focus on your business’ profits and losses, your offshore company also has many legal compliance requirements that need to be followed. A secretary or agent will take charge of those responsibilities, which differ from place to place but generally include:

• Acting as your company secretary (or agent);
• Preparing and filing any required forms with the registrar and any relevant government body;
• Obtaining or retrieving documents from the registrar and notifying the company’s shareholder(s), director(s) or anyone whose responsibilities relate to such information;
• Maintaining and updating statutory registers;
• Maintaining the database and register of the beneficial owners and/or persons of significant control;
• Keeping track and updating board and shareholder meeting minutes;
• Tracking and giving reminders for annual compliance, and taking appropriate actions when needed in a timely manner;
• Filing annual forms for annual obligations such as annual return and annual tax return in a timely manner;
• Seeking approvals or extension from the registrar when needed;
• Taking appropriate actions to respond on behalf of the offshore company in a timely manner. This is very important, especially in emergency cases.

Advantages of Our Secretary/Agent Service

There are many advantages when you use our Secretary/Agent Service. Since we take care of daily operations, paperwork, annual forms, and obligations, your company can concentrate on its business effectiveness and efficiency. The service is also cost-effective as your company does not need to have an actual office or to be equipped with fax machines, copiers, or computers. The amount of money saved can be used in developing your business and building infrastructure.
Additionally, your company can take advantage of our experienced and skilled expert team to perform secretarial responsibilities. Your offshore company will always be kept compliant with the jurisdiction’s legal requirements. Your company’s important documents will be kept in systematically order so that paper can be easily found when needed.
Besides, we are always compliant with our privacy policy and take our best efforts to keep your information and documents highly confidential and prevent any risk of confidential information exposed.

With so many advantages it brings, Secretary/Agent is a clever move for your offshore company. In case you have any questions or want to change your current to our Secretary/Agent Service, feel free to Contact Us for more details.