Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account


An offshore bank can be easily defined as a bank located in a country or jurisdiction that is different from the country or jurisdiction that the depositor or the investor resides. In case of an offshore company, it is significantly important that its account should be in a trustable bank with a good reputation, which is stable and offer accounts with various currencies and banking services that the company needs.
Nowadays, there are dozens of countries with reputable offshore centers, which confuses anyone with the intention to open an offshore bank account for their offshore company.

Where to open

For your choice of an offshore bank account, we make some suggestions about the best countries to open one.


Being such a small country, Singapore is home to some of the world’s best offshore banks, including three of the safest banks in the world: DBS, OCBC, and UOB, which are ranked #12, #13 and #14 respectively. Singapore has been successful in building the best offshore banking center based on one simple insight: capital goes where it’s treated best. In fact, more and more wealthy Asians are choosing Singapore over Switzerland for their bank offshore accounts, which proves this country is the right place for banking. Moreover, as one of the most dynamic and busiest economics hub in Asia, Singapore gives you avenues to such potential markets like the U.S., Europe, or Hong Kong, China in Asia, which results in most banks here provide accounts in a variety of currencies, which is significantly important for a bank account of an offshore company.

Where to open

For its reputation and your wealth protection, however, Singapore now has really strict regulations when it comes to the banking sector. Therefore, we are here to support you in opening an offshore bank account in the most convenient and fastest way.

Hong Kong

Considered as one of the world’s most reputable international financial centers, Hong Kong, with 199 authorized banks and 64 representative offices at the end of December of 2015, is one of the most populated banking institutions. Hong Kong is at the top of a very short list of solvent jurisdictions in the world that are highly recommended for opening an offshore bank account. It was historically proved to be very easy for a foreigner to open a bank account in Hong Kong. Even a few decades ago, it took just a phone call and a few minutes to open an offshore bank account in this jurisdiction.
However, nowadays, to become a key financial center, Hong Kong has established a high standard of market transparency, disclosure and prudent supervision, which is why many customers come to us for support in opening an offshore bank account.


Said to be one of the best places to open an offshore bank account for its high-interest rates, Belize, in fact, has a real interest rate of 9.246%, which is 2.5% without inflation, according to Trading Economics’ numbers in 2015. Though it is not a super duper high rate in comparison with that in other countries, it is still a great number to consider. Plus, Belize is a stable country that offers many advantages for international accounts such as being exempt from local taxes or exchange control restrictions, allowing most of the major currencies and getting higher priority in service lines.

Where to open

For opening an offshore bank account in this high-interest-rate jurisdiction, feel free to contact us.


For a long time, speaking of banking, people have been automatically thinking of Switzerland. Switzerland has been globally well-known for its “stability” in money for generations, which is due to its political and economic stability. This makes Switzerland an ideal jurisdiction for those looking for a low-risk investment. Additionally, taxes are not applied on interest, dividends or inheritance, if these do not profit any Swiss company. There is also no restriction on the amount of cash getting in or out of the country. Sounds wonderful, right?
However, Switzerland now is increasingly inaccessible for offshore purposes, and it no longer keeps its secrecy regulations. If it is your will to open a bank account in Switzerland for your offshore company, do not hesitate to contact us.


Beside above-mentioned jurisdictions, there are still many others for your choice of an offshore bank account for offshore companies. It has never been easy to determine which one is the best offshore bank for your offshore company. You will need to consider many aspects of the banks like their currencies, types of bank cards, trading services, loans, etc. For your time and convenience, we give you consultancy and support via chat, calls and email

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